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Exploring the Latest Innovations in Hoist Technology

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PROTECH Overhead Cranes is pleased to introduce you to the OLI – Overhead Lifting Information application. This is the latest innovation from our R&M Materials Handling brand hoists that brings the data from the HoistMonitor® control device to the palm of your hand in real time!

Real Time Informaiton

The OLI application can connect with iOS and Android devices and allows each user to instantly access the status of their hoist and usage measurements. With the OLI application, you can instantly access up-to-date data on your hoist, including:

When a component is new, it displays 100% (expected lifetime) and a countdown begins from there. As the hoist is used, the operator will begin receiving service warnings to replace common wear items or perform regular maintenance as needed. Usage behind the service warnings also leads to the calculation of the overall expected lifetime.

The OLI application provides graphical data formats and values without the operator needing to know specifi c parameters. The application also enables easier access, is more effi cient, and performs information pre-processing. The Hoist Monitor Enclave also features a keyboard and built-in display to manually retrieve information if needed.

Current Load

Average Load

Number of duty cycles


Remaining life to critical parts and much more…

Safer working environments create effi cient production conditions. Operators can stay on the ground and view real-time information without having to climb to dangerous heights or access high-voltage panels. The Hoist Monitor Enclave provides overload protection so that the hoist will not lift more than its rated capacity. However, during a routine load test, inspectors can easily adjust settings from the ground for faster and safer load testing procedures.

“Would you ever buy a car without a speedometer? Probably not. Yet for years, people have purchased hoists without the ability to see how they were being used, or easily check if components were approaching the end of their expected lifetime. The Hoist Monitor and OLI application are like a speedometer, allowing operators to easily track information.”

Overall, wire rope hoists represent the latest innovation in hoist technology, offering superior lifting capacity, durability, and safety features compared to traditional chain hoists. Businesses that rely on heavy lifting and material handling can benefit from the efficiency and reliability of wire rope hoists to improve their operations and increase productivity.

In conclusion, exploring the latest innovations in hoist technology, such as wire rope hoists, can help businesses stay competitive in today’s fast-paced industrial landscape. By investing in advanced hoisting solutions, companies can enhance their material handling capabilities, improve safety standards, and ultimately achieve greater success in their operations.

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